John Philip Duck, another classic by Patricia Polacco, follows a young boy named Edward, during the time of depression, from his family farm in Tennessee to his work in the city at a hotel. Edward is a charismatic boy who loves singing and dancing at home with his family on the weekends off of work. He finds a duck near his home one day, and sneaks it with him to the hotel. Readers can’t help but stay engaged as Edward goes to all measures to keep the duck hidden from the hotel manager. A delightful story of family, dreams, triumph, and a line of trained ducks through the hotel lobby, John Philip Duck also tells the story of a young African-American boy in a positive and beautiful narrative.

Published 2004, Philomel Books

If you like this story, you make like another of Patricia Polacco’s children’s books such as Mrs. Katz and Tush, or The Butterfly.