The Man Who Walked Between the Towers is a re-telling of the 1974 tightrope walk by Philippe Petit between the tallest towers in the United States. As a Caldecott Award Winner, the picture book is comprised of fantastic illustrations, including fold-out images to capture the height of the towers, which interplay with the poetic nature of the story. Philippe is an avid tightrope walker in New York City and spends much time in the vicinity of the two World Trade Center towers. He dreams of crossing the space between them on a rope, and decides to make and follow through with a plan to do so. Through this story, the author depicts the beauty of the diversity of people who make their lives in the United States, and the many interests and passions of different people. The Man Who Walked Between the Towers is a beautiful tribute to the now-vanished towers which once stood as a proud icon of the United States’ most bustling city.

the man who inside

Main character, Philippe Petit, gazing at and dreaming about the space between the towers.

Published 2003, Roaring Brook Press