In the hot, scorching sun and heat of summer in the city, Tessie and her mother are waiting for rain. Flowers are drooping and everyone is sweating; waiting, waiting.


Illustrator Jon J. Muth’s watercolor artwork depicts the emotion of the wait, and the excitement of the long-awaited rainstorm. The joy that comes with the rain unites Tessie and all kinds of friends and families from around the city.

This story is a great summer read in places where the weather gets hot – children can feel the emotion and heat of the city and the build-up of tension as everyone waits for the rain. In cooler times of the year, or in places where the weather is not too hot, Come On, Rain helps the children to understand and feel the heat that little Tessie experiences.

Illustrated by Jon J. Muth

Published 1999, Scholastic Press.