Twelve-year-old Percy Jackson’s inability to concentrate, fit in, and learn is blamed on ADHD and dyslexia, and ends up getting him kicked out of every school he attends. Not much is different at Yancy Academy, the private boarding school he attends in sixth grade, despite his Latin teacher, Mr. Brunner, who believes in him and holds him to high expectations. But Percy starts to notice too many weird things to ignore. The Greek mythology that Percy had been studying with Mr. Brunner starts to come to life around him – stories and people who Percy had written off as pointless and irrelevant. Percy is set into a whirlwind of adventure and forced to come to terms with his identity in the face of his new reality.

Published 2005, Disney Hyperion

Series includes: The Lightning Thief (Book 1), The Sea of Monsters (Book 2), The Titan’s Curse (Book 3), The Battle of the Labyrinth (Book 4), The Last Olympian (Book 5)