Abbie and her family live on the coast of Maine at Matinicus Rock, where Abbie’s father is the lighthouse keeper. Abbie’s father leaves by boat to town to replenish the family’s scarce stock of supplies, and to purchase more oil for the lamps. During the time he is gone, a terrible storm comes with endless rains and tenacious winds, leaving him unable to return home when he had planned. Abbie had promised her father to take care of the lights, so Abbie fights the wind and rain, day and night, to keep the lights burning for ships on the water, specifically for her father’s pending return. Keep the Lights Burning, Abbie is an account based on the real-life Abbie Burgress who kept the lights burning in lighthouses throughout her life.

Published 1985, Carolrhoda Books

Illustrations by Peter E. Hanson