Clara Lemlich came to America from Ukraine as a young woman, ready to take on the new country. Clara is horrified at the working conditions for women which were less than desirable — harsh, unfair, and low paying. While at work, Clara encouraged her counterparts to strike. Frustrated that nothing would change, Clara took matters into her own hands and stood up in front of a large meeting of shirtwaist factory workers and organized a strike — one that turned into the largest strike of women workers in the United States. Clara’s character embodies the principles of dedication, persistence, and that everyone deserves fair treatment. Melissa Sweet’s collage artwork adds to the story, incorporating Sweet’s original artwork with documents and papers from the time of strike. The author leaves an informational excerpt at the end of the story to further detail the happenings that she depicts throughout the book.

Illustrated by Melissa Sweet

Awards: Jane Addams Flora Stieglitz Award, Orbis Pictus Award

Published 2013, Balzer + Bray